Saturday, 14 January 2017

Photo of the Month: December 2016

Face-to-face on Dartmoor
Our family like Dartmoor. We like its brutal and majestic scenery, we like its emptiness, we like its moodiness, we like the cafe in Widecombe and we like having lots of rocks to climb around on.

What we don't like is having to share all this 'emptiness', etc with several thousand other people which is exactly what we had to do on the second bank-holiday after Christmas. Being winter, and cold, we thought that the place might be pretty much empty. How naive! The place was packed. People swarmed over the rocks and paths in their hundreds. All the car parks were full and we drove helplessly around trying to find a place to stop that didn't involve driving into a ditch. Eventually we managed to squeeze into a tiny car park near Bonehill Rocks and popped out for a modest scramble and a picnic.

It seemed as though the place was a bit of a magnet for rock climbers, which we thought was a bit odd as the rocks were fairly puny in comparison to some other sites around Dartmoor. But then, I'm no climber. Perhaps these rocks were peculiarly suitable for the sport in a way that other places aren't. As well as shoes, chalk, large mats and various other climbing paraphernalia it appeared that an essential part of every climber's kit was a dog, either individually owned or shared among several people. While the owners climbed, their pets - including the one above - went walkabout.

Not sure who's most curious here...

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