Friday, 10 June 2016

Photo of the Month: May 2016

When it comes to undertaking desperate deeds of danger and daring there's no question that it's an awful lot simpler as a child - as this picture shows.

Here we are at Mote Park, Maidstone ( one humid Spring day. Daddy's wishing he'd left his coat in the car and Graham has just climbed a tree, with parental assistance. Now here he is, casting the fatherly hand aside and exultantly standing solo. Look at me! Honestly, for an adult to get the same feeling of achievement they'd have to go and climb Kilimanjaro, which is a lot more expensive and extensively more time-consuming.

Also how many people could climb two mountains in one day? Not many. Yet at Mote Park you can climb every fallen tree there is and still have time for lunch at the play park afterwards. No help required this time, either.

"No, I'm alright Dad. This climbing lark is easy. Chill out man..."

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